Boisdale Restaurant Group

Editorial, Design, Art Direction
& Photography 
The brief:
We were tasked with redesigning the magazine to increase readership and make it more appealing to top-tier advertisers and industry partners while keeping its rambunctious soul.
The solution:
We created clearly defined sections for improved pace, flow and readability, choosing typography to reflect the proudly traditional, British sensibility with a Scottish twist for which this restaurant group is famed. Now an eclectic, exciting mix of current affairs, opinion, food and drink, luxury lifestyle and culture, the high-profile contributors from the worlds of politics, business, media, technology, and beyond have increased readership to 100,000 copies per issue.
“Scott has a unique talent for interpreting not only what a client wants to say, but what they need to say. For his work at Boisdale Life magazine, he has created a clean and elegant house style that is also warm and welcoming, translating into print design the convivial atmosphere of the Boisdale group of restaurants. This polished publication is now an invaluable marketing tool for Boisdale – not only to celebrate its business partners, clients, and patrons, but to give them a voice, and Boisdale Life’s stories are now picked up by the mainstream print and broadcast media. Scott’s design expertise has definitely made us part of the national conversation.” 
Katia Hadidian, Associate Editor of Boisdale Life 
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